Before Being Discharged

Nov 05, 2023
  • After you leave the recovery room, you will be transferred back to the pre-op holding area (gastric band) or to a hospital room (RYGB or sleeve gastrectomy).
  • Sit up on the side of the bed and walk as soon as you feel able (within 1-2 hours of arrival).
  • This will help prevent blood clots in your legs.
  • Coughing and deep breathing are a must to help expand your lungs, reduce post-operative fever, and prevent pneumonia.
  • You can use a pillow or abdominal binder (the hospital will give you one) for support and to splint your incisions while coughing and deep breathing.
  • It is normal to experience discomfort after surgery. Some common complaints are: shoulder pain, left-side abdominal soreness, nausea, gas pain, constipation/loose stools, weakness and fatigue.
  • Some patients find using an abdominal binder very helpful (bring on with you or ask the nurse for one).
  • Immediately report any complaints of sudden severe pain or shortness of breath.



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